Inspec product guide

How do you get access to search the Inspec database? Which service is the most suitable for you? There is a range of access and pricing options to suit most budgets.

Frequent searcher    

Do you need to search Inspec frequently? The best option is likely to be to subscribe to a site licence which provides unlimited desktop search access for everyone in your organisation for a fixed annual subscription fee.  Inspec is available on many vendor platforms and its own platform Inspec Direct.  Customers who wish to use their own software (e.g. for data mining) an XML version is also available.

Occasional searcher  

Do you need to search infrequently? Then transactional pricing (pay-as-you-go) may be the solution for you - via Dialog, Questel, WTI Frankfurt, or STN.

Keep up to date

You can set up and run weekly email alerts via most Inspec vendor services.  In addition Inspec also offers some print and email current awareness publications in broad subject areas.

Searching prior to 1969

Much early scientific research is still relevant to today's 'hot' topics such as for example wireless power transfer.  The Inspec Archive covers early literature from 1898-1968.

Search documentation

Inspec publishes the Thesaurus, Classification and List of Journals in XML format. Many other search guides are available to download on this website.

Search service

If you prefer to use an information professional to carry out a search specific to your needs then use The IET Library's search service.

Obtaining full-text articles

Many articles are available online but many are only still available in print. Document delivery services can obtain copies for you.


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