About Inspec

Containing over 17 million records, Inspec is one of the most definitive abstract and indexing databases for subject specific and interdisciplinary research in the fields of engineering, physics and computer science.


For close to 50 years, IET Inspec has been an essential discovery tool to numerous prestigious institutions around the world, leading it to become the definitive bibliographic database. Containing over 17 million records, and rapidly growing, Inspec is home to a vast wealth of information, much of which is not available anywhere else.

Combined with Inspec’s search speed and accuracy, it is the A&I database of choice to locate specific and necessary research in a way that saves time and ultimately money.

Inspec can be used to alert you to new developments in your field, track new technology and products, monitor competitors, search for patent novelty and analyse data by a wide variety of parameters.

Benefits of Using Inspec

  • Unique Research  - Inspec is home to a vast collection of unique research, not available through any other database. This allows institutions to streamline their subscriptions and enables researchers to locate relevant, hard to find materials to support their work.

  • Constantly Evolving - Additionally, Inspec is constantly evolving with regular, weekly content updates indexed by our team of subject specialists. This ensures that the most pertinent and timely research is available to all Inspec users, essential for time-sensitive research fields such as Physics and Computing.

  • Powerful, Intuitive Search - Inspec features sophisticated search tools, aided by the intellectual classification of our expert indexers, that make it possible to quickly and efficiently locate and extract the information they need supported by the fact the database boasts 80% full text coverage through DOI's.

For further information watch our Inspec Introduction to Inspec video.


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