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Celebrating Open Access Week 2018!

To celebrate Open Access Week, (22 - 28 October 2018), we’re delighted to tell you more about our growing open access programme.

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Open Access publishing enables peer-reviewed, accepted journal articles to be made freely available online to anyone. As a society publisher and a not-for-profit organisation committed to serving the engineering community, the IET supports Open Access publishing across all of our journals.

IET Open is a new open access programme that showcases the best in engineering science. Covering the latest research topics, our fully open access journals offer researchers a place to publish their most innovative and novel work and make it accessible to anyone wishing to read it, cite it and re-use it.

How does it work?

Open Access publishing is funded through author publication charges. This model differs from the subscription based publishing model, whereby readers (or more commonly readers’ institutions) pay for access to journal articles. With the exception of journals in IET Open Programme, authors are asked only at acceptance whether they wish their article to be published Open Access. This ensures that neither the reviewers nor the editors are aware of the authors’ intentions when assessing articles for publication.

Creative Commons Licences

Open Access articles have different rules for licensing and copyright. Authors publishing Open Access in an IET journal can choose one of four Creative Commons licences:

  • Attribution CC BY,
  • Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND
  • Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND

More information on these different types of licence and open access for IET journals can be found in our Open Access FAQs.