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Increase the discoverability of your content by indexing your publications in Inspec. As the definitive engineering and physics research database, Inspec has facilitated the discovery of scientific literature spanning the physical sciences, engineering and computing for over 50 years, serving tens of thousands of users around the world.

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Being indexed in Inspec will increase article discovery and readership for your publications across our extensive user base of engineers and scientists worldwide.

As well as within Universities, Corporate and Government organisations, Inspec is used in major Patent Offices as a key source of non-patent prior art literature.

Unique article-level indexing delivers your content to more researchers

We index items at the article level with multiple terms that reflect all aspects of the science and technology. Unlike publication-level indexing, this ensures your content is discoverable to a wider range of researchers, across disciplines who may not usually search for relevant material in your publication.


Content from a journal focussing on Biophysics has been indexed using 150+ controlled terms and 150+ further subject classification codes:

Selecting an article from this title, we can see the following range of classification codes applied:

Classification code: A8760J X-rays and particle beams (medical uses)  -  A8770G Patient care and treatment  -  A8770E Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation  -  A8725 Cellular biophysics  -  B7510P X-ray techniques: radiography and computed tomography (biomedical imaging/measurement)  -  B6135E Image recognition  -  C7330 Biology and medical computing  -  C6170K Knowledge engineering techniques  -  C5260B Computer vision and image processing techniques

Inspec indexing to increase submissions

Ensuring the widest possible readership is a key factor for researchers when deciding where to publish their work. Reassure potential authors of the quality and relevance of your publications or conferences and their increased global exposure by promoting their acceptance into Inspec.

Inspec Analytics for publishers

As well as increasing visibility of content, publishers use Inspec and Inspec Analytics to track detailed research topics, spot and monitor trends and identify experts in niche areas. Being able to see the precise research topics where your titles appear gives you insights into sales and marketing as well as editorial strategies.

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Our Inspec Publisher Relations team evaluates journals in Physics, Engineering, Computing and Technology for review and consideration for inclusion in the database.

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