What is Fellowship?

Fellow is the highest grade of IET membership for which you can apply.

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“IET Fellowship is awarded to individuals who have sustained high levels of achievement, for example through leadership, influence, senior responsibility, innovation and professional service, at the forefront of engineering, technology or cognate disciplines for a period of five years or more.”

IET Expectation for Fellows

IET Fellowship recognises the high level of experience, knowledge and ability you have attained during your career which positively affects how your peers, employer and clients perceive you.

Our Fellows are respected professionals who come from a wide range of engineering backgrounds. These include the five sectors in which the IET has a strategic focus as well as recognising those working in a range of settings (such as consultants, technical specialists, or within SMEs) and in a variety of engineering and technology roles – for example within education, law, finance, or the media.

The benefits of becoming a Fellow are wide ranging and you can find out more by watching our Fellow's videos and reading their case studies.

You do not need to be a Member of the IET or registered with the Engineering Council to apply for Fellowship.

Information on the application process can be found in the ‘Start your application’ section of our website.

You can also view a list of our recently elected Fellows.


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