Application assessment and appeals

Guidance on the Fellow assessment panel recommendations and decision.

About the Fellow assessment panel

The panel is made up of individuals who are, and have been, Fellows for a minimum of three years.

On receipt of your application, the panel will:

  • Discuss and evaluate your application;
  • Make a recommendation (see the outcomes below) and forward it to the chairman;
  • The chairman will reach a decision based on the consensus of the panel members where possible (in the event of disagreement the final decision rests with the chairman).

You will be notified of the panel's decision in due course. This process can take from four to eight weeks dependent entirely on the quality, pertinence and completeness of the information supplied.

The assessment panel decision

There are four possible outcomes:


An election pack containing your official confirmation letter will be sent by first class post.


Should an interview be required, you will be invited to attend at a mutually convenient time and location.


A further period of working at a level consistent with fellowship criteria is required. A date will be supplied for the applicant to either re-apply or update the assessment panel.


Experience is not consistent with criteria for Fellow.

Appeals process

In certain circumstances, you may appeal against the decision. Appeals may be submitted, together with any evidence supporting your claims, which identify:

  • Significant fault within the IET’s processes or mishandling of your application, or;
  • Serious or exceptional, unanticipated, personal mitigating circumstances (if an interview was held) that caused you to underperform.  

Any appeal must be received within three months of receipt of your decision letter. If you wish to appeal please email fellowshipappeal@theiet.org. An appeal application form will be sent to you to allow you to clearly and concisely set out the grounds for your appeal, together with any evidence of your claims. There is an appeal fee which is refundable if the outcome is to uphold your appeal, whether or not Fellowship is subsequently awarded.


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