Start your application

All you need to know about applying for IET Fellowship.

Identify the appropriate criteria for your application

Your application will be peer assessed and, as a candidate, you’ll need to provide evidence of meeting both the IET Expectation for Fellows as well as demonstrating that you can fulfil at least two of the nine criteria.

To find out more about the criteria, visit our 'Am I eligible?' webpage, where you'll also find more detailed guidance for candidates coming from an academic background. The criteria is also part of the application pack.

Your application will be enhanced by including evidence of appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities over the past three years by means of a separate log, alongside a commitment to undertake CPD .

Speak to a Fellowship Assessor for help and guidance

On request, the IET can provide you with a Fellowship Assessor to support you through the application process.

Contact the Fellowship Manager at fellowship@theiet.org to be put in touch with a Fellowship Assessor.

Find two supporters to verify your application

To apply for Fellowship you’ll need to provide the details of two supporters who can confirm that you meet your chosen criteria.

Each of your supporters will need to complete a supporter form which is available as part of the application pack.

Who can act as a supporter?

Your first supporter must be a Fellow of the IET. Your second supporter should be your line manager or equivalent – someone who has knowledge of your work.

Guidance for individuals asked to act as a supporter is available if required.

If you don’t know any Fellows, you can search for one of our Professional Registration Advisors (Fellow) in your area (please ensure you select FIET in the category field).

Alternatively you could attend a Local Network event where you will be able to network with other IET members who may be able to help you.

Please contact the Fellowship Manager at fellowship@theiet.org if you continue have difficulty in identifying an appropriate supporter.

Download your application form

You can download the application form from our website.

Before you start the form, please read the Fellowship criteria that you will be assessed against.

The application form is dynamic which means it will respond to the answers you give to only show the questions that are relevant to your application. Please read the information provided on how to use the form.

What happens next?

Once your application for Fellowship has been submitted, it will be assessed by a panel of your peers.


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