ICT Technician (ICTTech)

Why you should become an Information and Communications Technology Technician (ICTTech)

"I can only see ICTTech improving and aiding my career prospects both within the organisation and across the telecommunications industry."

Daniel Clague, ICTTech

What is an ICT Technician?

An ICT Technician is a technician who has become professionally registered with the Engineering Council. After registration you’ll be able to use the initials ‘ICTTech’ after your name, which signifies that you have met the necessary competence and commitment standard.

Why register as an ICT Technician?

The professional title ‘ICTTech’ recognises your expertise and hard work, and it will help to improve your career prospects and prove that you have demonstrated competence against an internationally recognised standard.

According to the Engineering Council, ICT Technicians continue to receive pay increases above the national average.

Who should apply to become an ICT Technician?

ICT Technicians or practitioners work in areas such as ICT hardware, software or system installation, operation, maintenance, incident/change/problem management, administration, security, fault diagnosis and fixing. They typically work in a range of jobs that involve supporting or facilitating the use of ICT equipment and applications by others and will be working in all fields of ICT, for example data centres, software testing, organisations' IT departments, school or university technicians or out in the field diagnosing and solving faults.

You don't need formal qualifications to become professionally registered; we can look at your experience and any vendor qualifications that you have to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding. However, you do need to be working at technician level ICT practitioner skills at around NQF/QCF Level 3 (SCQF Level 6) or Skills Framework for the Information Age [new window] SFIA Level 3 and above.

How do I apply?

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Need help?

You may find answers to some of your questions in our frequently asked questions section.

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