Further learning


An overview for applicants without exemplifying or recommended academic qualifications for IEng and CEng (often called further learning or work-based learning).

Further learning / work-based learning (IEng and CEng)

If your qualification is not fully accredited then you may be asked to provide other evidence to show how you have gained this technical knowledge and understanding to the appropriate level.

Formally assessed education is one of the ways of demonstrating the underpinning knowledge and understanding for professional registration, however, this is not the only option.

Work-based learning

If you have not completed formal education to the required level, but you have had the opportunity, through your work, to develop your technical knowledge and understanding, then you may be able to provide evidence through work-based learning.

Further learning

If you have not yet had the opportunity to develop sufficient evidence of learning from your work, you may either:

  • develop your experience in roles that expand your technical knowledge, and record the learning, or
  • complete a course or study programme to provide suitable learning at Master's Level (CEng); or Bachelor's level (IEng).

For alternate options see formal qualifications.

The UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) provides examples of qualifications that provide acceptable evidence of the technical knowledge and understanding needed to underpin your competence as an engineer.


If your qualification(s) are not outlined in the UK-SPEC regulations, you may be requested to provide other evidence to show how you have gained the knowledge and understanding to underpin your competence.

Continuing professional development

Short courses, continuing professional development (CPD) seminars or vocational qualifications may provide valuable career development. As evidence of further learning these would be better considered as a component of work-based learning.

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