Transferring your Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status to the IET

Transferring your Chartered IT Professional (CITP) Certificate of Current Competence

Thank you for your request to transfer your CITP Certificate of Current Competence (CoCC) via the IET. The IET will only accept transfer requests from CITP registrants awarded after 2009.

A CITP CoCC transfer request can only be considered by the IET if your CITP CoCC has two complete full years remaining on the CoCC.

In order that the IET may consider your request you will need to:

  • Email a copy of your current CITP CoCC with a minimum of two complete years remaining on the Certificate;
  • Email the name of the licensed body with whom you are currently CITP registered and confirmation that you have notified that licensed body you are requesting a transfer of your CITP CoCC via the IET.

Send this information to:  Email: citp@theiet.org

Once the IET has reviewed this information, you will receive:

A communication from the IET registration team confirming that your CITP CoCC transfer is agreed, subject to:

  • liaison by the IET with your current CITP licensed body;
  • submission of the transfer fee;
  • submission of the CITP renewal fee due. (Note: The IET is not able to collect back fees owed to your current CITP licensed body).

Fees can be paid by telephoning the IET registration team on: Tel: +44 (0) 1438 767 333