How do I revalidate my CITP Certificate of Current Competence (CoCC)

Chartered IT Professional (CITP) - how to revalidate your Certificate of Current Competence (CoCC).

Revalidation Process

Chartered IT Professional (CITP) is underpinned by periodic revalidation of the Certificate of Current Competence (CoCC) at five yearly intervals. Holding a valid CoCC demonstrates that the IET member is up to date with best practice in their profession.

In order to revalidate your Certificate of Current Competence (CoCC), you are required to submit documentary evidence showing experience and training development undertaken since the last revalidation.

On ceasing to practice in the IT profession, revalidation of current competence will not be possible.

Revalidation of your Certificate of Current Competence requires:

  • Continued membership of a CITP awarding body;
  • Evidence which demonstrates that you have been working in IT roles using skills equivalent to SFIA Level 5 or higher for at least three of the last five years;
  • Examples of work which you have been personally responsible for, under the SFIA definitions of Complexity, Influence, Business Skills and Autonomy;
  • Examples of appropriate continuing professional development (CPD) activities you have undertaken since the award of CITP or your last revalidation;
  • An up to date CV.

This evidence will be peer assessed. If further information is required, you may be asked to undertake a short telephone interview with an assessor, to cover any points which require clarification or expansion.

Details on the full process and requirements for revalidation of the CoCC will be provided directly to holders of the certificate and you will be invited to make your revalidation submission up to six months before the expiry date on your existing certificate.

Please note that you will not be required to re-take the Breadth of Knowledge test for revalidation.

What happens if I do not revalidate my CoCC or my revalidation is unsuccessful?

As long as you remain a member of the IET, you will be able to retain your CITP status including your designatory letters, however your CoCC will not be renewed.

Further information regarding the revalidation process and related fees to follow.

Need help?

You may find answers to some of your questions in the CITP frequently asked questions.