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Renewing your membership

Renewing your membership is easy

How to renew

Each year, we’ll send you a renewal notice in the post about four weeks before your due date.

If you need to change your credit or debit card details or to update your direct debit, contact our Membership Services team, Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 6 pm GMT on +44 (0)1438 765678.

If you don’t receive your renewal notice

It’s worth checking that we have the right contact details for you on MyIET.

Why should you renew?

Membership tells your peers and your employers that you’ve committed to your continuing professional development. By being part of one of the world’s largest engineering, technology and science institutions, you get uninterrupted access to products and services like our libraries, journals and events.

Having trouble paying?

Don’t worry. We offer reduced rates to people in certain circumstances – take a look at the criteria to see if you qualify.

If the economic climate has hit you particularly hard and you’re going through a difficult time, perhaps because of lost income or redundancy, our benevolent fund, Foothold may be able to help.