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Library loans and renewals

Can anyone borrow books?

All members, including student members, can borrow books. We even offer a free postal service for members who can’t visit the reading room but you’ll have to pay the postage for returning the books. Members of other engineering bodies can use our library, just contact us to let us now and have your membership number to hand.

How does it work?

The best way is to search the online catalogue and click on the ‘Request’ button once you’ve found what you need. The library will then get an email with your details and requests. Librarians will then be in touch by email to explain availability, whether they’ve been posted already if they’re ready for collection or any restrictions.

How many items can be borrowed?

UK members can borrow up to ten books at a time, non-UK members can borrow up to three books.

How long are the loans for?

We loan books out for four weeks, but you can extend the loan if someone else hasn’t requested them. After five renewals we’ll need to see the book in the library reading room but you can still continue to borrow it afterwards.

How are requested books delivered and returned?

Books will be sent by parcel and, if they are currently available for loan, should arrive within two to four working days. If you’re a non-UK member, delivery time depends on the postal service in your country but is usually estimated at between a few days to a couple of weeks. You can then return them in person or package them securely and send them back by post.

How do I renew?

Go to the online catalogue page and click on ‘current loans’. This will bring up the renew symbol next to each unreturned book. Click on the ones you’d like to renew and the return date will update.

Guidance on how to renew [DOCX, 601KB]