Systems Engineering

Our systems engineering courses provide practical, tangible skills that can be used day-to-day in the management design of engineering systems.


A Model-based Approach to Systems Engineering (MBSE)

A Model-based Approach to Systems Engineering (MBSE)’. Based on the IET book ‘SysML for Systems Engineering: A model-based approach’ by Jon Holt and Simon Perry, this course covers all major aspects of MBSE including concepts, modelling, frameworks and a team-based exercise.


Mastering Requirements Using MBSE

This course provides an introduction to the world of requirements and, in particular, shows how modelling can help with the capture, analysis, validation and specification of requirements. The course comprises a mixture of teaching and hands-on exercises. The taught content covers the background, theory and best practice of requirements engineering and management, along with more pragmatic issues, such as implementing a requirements strategy in a real organisation.