Business Skills

Whether you want to hone your management skills, learn how to write compelling technical reports, or understand the financial aspects of decision making, we have just the course for you. 

An engineer's guide to product development, patents and intellectual property

Protect your inventions from competitors and learn how to make best possible use of them – for financial gain and demonstrating value to stakeholders. Also master thinking techniques for generating ideas, developing patented products and finding your way around other people’s patents.

Commercial awareness for technical people

The aim of this one day course is to expose the commercial context within which technical work is carried out. It is to allow technical staff to understand how they fit into a larger picture,why they may be asked to undertake tasks that may not appear to be technical and the impact their interactions have within the commercial context.

Introduction to bidding and tendering

The course is designed principally to provide delegates with practical suggestions on how they and their businesses should approach the bidding process in order to maximize their resource utilization and success rates as well as gain an appreciation of the bidding and tendering process.

Introduction to contract law

Invaluable for anyone engaged in creating business contracts, this course will help prepare you to write and negotiate contracts that protect your company from commercial risk.

Introduction to negotiation

This introductory course would benefit anyone new to negotiation; finds negotiation daunting or is required to negotiate in their day-to-day role.

Introduction to standards

This content rich and lively one-day course is designed to give an overview of the structure of three essential standards that every engineer should know.

Introduction to TRIZ

Created by engineers, for engineers, TRIZ is a proven process for solving problems, generating new ideas and developing systems quickly, cheaply and inventively.

Specification writing

Writing an effective specification is key to a successful project delivery. If the specification is not fit for purpose, the project will consequently fail to meet expectation with possible significant commercial consequences.

Technical report writing

This two-day course analyses report preparation from the earliest stages of identifying the reader and the objectives to the effective presentation of the complete document

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