CMI Level 5 Extended Diploma In Management and Leadership for Chartered Engineers

CMI Level 5 in Management and Leadership for Chartered Engineers 

CEng Professionals Fast track to a recognised Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership

Available exclusively to Chartered Engineers, this customised programme has been developed as a result of mapping the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC standard for CEng registration against the CMI Level 5 Diploma.  This mapping allows CEng candidates 50% exemption of the CMI standard modules. 

CEng Fast Track candidates complete induction day plus 5 modules instead of the usual 9 modules.

Who should attend

The Level 5 qualifications in Management & Leadership are designed for practising middle to senior managers who wish to develop their core management skills and practices.

Why take this route

The Level 5 Extended Diploma offers a much greater breadth of topics and increased opportunity to develop your Leadership and Management skills in a wider variety of areas.

The qualification you will achieve

On successful completion of the programme you will achieve a Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership. Included in the course price is your fast track application to become a Chartered Manager.

Achieving a qualification in Management and Leadership will not only boost performance, it will also enhance career prospects. It can be used as a springboard towards further management development as it is a route through to more advanced qualifications such as the Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership qualification and the MBA.

Chartered Manager status awarded after successful completion of a short application process.

Module content

Full course overview

Induction day

Programme introduction

Day two

Unit 5003 Performance Management

  • Be able to identify and agree performance objectives for your team and individuals
  • Be able to assess performance and provide feedback
  • Be able to provide advice, guidance and support to improve performance
  • Be able to understand and apply the organisation’s disciplinary and grievance procedures

Day three

Unit 5004 Resource Management

  • Be able to identify and plan resources needed to meet objectives;
  • Be able to select and use the resource supply chain to meet planned objectives;
  • Be able to monitor and evaluate internal and external resource use to meet plans.

Day four

Unit 5013 Leadership Practice

  • Understand the links and differences between management and leadership;
  • Understand leadership principles that support organisational values;
  • Understand and apply leadership styles to achieve organisational objectives.

Day five

Unit 5006 Conducting a Management Project Unit 5009 Project Development and Control

  • Be able to identify and justify a management project;
  • Be able to conduct research using sources and analyse data and options;
  • Be able to make conclusions and recommendations that achieve the project aim;
  • Be able to show and review the results of the project;
  • Be able to identify the components of project stages and lifecycle;
  • Understand project methodologies and their applications;
  • Be able to develop a project plan, identify and mitigate risks;
  • Be able to construct a monitor and review strategy.

Dates and fees

London Register online

Induction day workshop one 5 October 2017
Workshop two 26 October 2017
Workshop three 14 December 2017
Workshop four 1 February 2018
Workshop five 15 March 2018

The cost of this course is £3120 + VAT (£624) total £3744

For more information please contact 

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Email: pdcourses@theiet.org