CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Qualification

CEng Professionals - Fast Track to a Recognised Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management 

Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Available exclusively for CEng professionals, this customised programme has been specifically developed as a result of mapping the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC standard for CEng registration against the CMI level 7 Qualifications in Management and Leadership. This qualifications in Strategic Management & Leadership programme helps managers develop the capabilities they need as well as concentrating on the practical application of the theory and principles in the job role and provides an excellent foundation for continuing development and improved performance.

CEng candidates complete an induction day plus four modules instead of the usual six modules to complete a standard CMI qualification.

Who should attend

This programme has been developed for directors and senior managers who have the responsibility to translate organisational strategy into effective performance, the Level 7 qualifications in Strategic Management and Leadership require the manager to focus on the implementation of their organisational strategy. It is recommended that delegates have 5 years' management experience with strategic responsibility. On completion, learners are also eligible to apply for a Chartered Manager via the exemption route.

Why take this route

The level 7 Qualification in Strategic Management & Leadership programme is designed to provide a firm foundation in management education and are aimed at senior managers as it represents the next step from the Level 5 qualifications on Management & Leadership. The programme provides a broad-based, practical learning of important ideas, techniques and overall competences that will improve effectiveness and performance. Everything studied relates to the management roles and responsibilities exercised, and the elements of the programme ensure that newly appointed learning skills, knowledge and techniques can be applied immediately in practical ways. Achieving a level 7 Strategic Management & Leadership qualification will not only boost performance but will also enhance career prospects and can be used as a springboard towards further management development as it is a route through to more advanced qualifications such as the MBA. The qualification provides 66 points at Post Graduate Level (FHEQ Level 7/SCQF Level 11).


All CMI courses contain elements which can be counted towards your CPD. These elements include workshop attendance, self study and online research.

Module content

Full course overview

Organisational Direction – 7006

  • Be able to review and determine the organisational strategic aims and objectives
  • Be able to identify and analyse progress towards organisational strategic aims and objectives
  • Be able to determine and evaluate strategic options to support a revised strategic position

Organisational Change – 7010

  • Understand how to apply solutions to organisational change
  • Understand how to develop a change strategy using implementation models
  • Be able to analyse an organisational response to change
  • Understand how to evaluate the impact of change strategies

Strategic Leadership – 7013

  • Understand the organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership
  • Be able to understand strategic leadership styles
  • Be able to secure achievement of organisation involvement and objectives through strategic leadership 

Strategic Risk Management – 7022

  • Be able to understand the concept of risk, roles and responsibilities for risk management, and risk management tools and models
  • Be able to understand the resourcing and implementation of risk management strategy
  • Be able to understand the evaluation and management of risk management strategies

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