Lifeskills overviews

Our Lifeskills events are 3 hour workshops which are designed to provide a brief introduction to key topics relevant to working life. Our workshops cover a range of topics including: CPD, Professional Registration, Management and Negotiation. These courses are provided through our Local Networks and the topics available are listed below.

The minimum number of delegates for a workshop to be delivered is 15 and the maximum number of delegates allowed for each workshop is listed next to the title of the event. Please make sure the room layout for any of these Lifeskills is ‘cabaret style’.

Lifeskills topics:

Continuing Professional Development (40)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is something that all IET members should be doing. Whether you are a graduate, professionally registered or retired, CPD is important to us all. This workshop aims to highlight the benefits of CPD to you, and show you how to go about it.

Want to Become Professionally Registered? (30)

This workshop is designed to take you through gaining an understanding of the professional registration process within the IET. This session will also focus on evidence collection and the steps of gathering and presenting evidence.

Starting out in Coaching (35)

Coaching is undoubtedly the quickest and most cost-effective method of developing staff members. Not to be confused with mentoring, coaching provide short-term one-to-one development opportunities for individuals to excel in their current role. This workshop aims to provide you with an introduction to become a coach in the workplace.

Networking for Success (40)

Networking is crucial for both our personal and professional development and in today’s climate it is more relevant than ever. This practical workshop aims to provide you with the tools to develop a strong support network to assist you in your development.

Taking Control of your Career (35)

There is no denying that the current job market is a tough place to be. There are significantly more people looking for jobs meaning that the competition to get to interview stage is fierce. This workshop aims to give you key skills to enable you to take control of your career, stand out from the crowd and make that employer want you!

Dealing with Conflict (30)

There will be certain times that we have to deal with difficult situations or people which may result in conflict in the workplace. Dealing with these situations can be tricky and also quite stressful. This workshop aims to provide you with the skills to be able to handle conflict in a calm and assertive manner.

Making an Impact with your CV (30)

Getting your CV noticed amongst the hundreds of other applicants is vital to your success in being selected for interview. So how do you make your CV more appealing than the others? This practical workshop provides hints and tips on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Do bring along your current CV for appraisal with peer review.

Back to Basics with Presenting (35)

Presentations are the best way of communicating ideas and information to a group, as it allows immediate interaction between all the participants. However, they can be one of the most daunting tasks we undertake. This workshop gives an overview of the key steps needed in order to conduct an effective professional presentation.

Managing Change (35)

This introductory session to change management looks at the impact change can have on individuals, why change sometimes fails in organisations, and what steps are required in order to successfully manage and implement change.

The Art of Being Assertive (35)

Many of us find it difficult to say no. This often results in us being weighed down with extra work and ultimately feeling under pressure and undervalued. This workshop aims to provide you with the skills to be assertive, to ensure that your opinions are counted and that you can take control of your work/life balance.

Leading and Developing Successful Teams (30)

Managing a team of people can be a difficult task. You may have many different personalities who place different constraints on your time and sometimes this may cause conflict. Getting your team to work together to perform, requires a manager who is adaptable in their approach and indeed in how they motivate their staff. This interactive workshop, aims to provide basic hints and tips to address some of these key issues using Bruce Tuckman’s Forming, Storming Norming, Performing model.

Fundamentals of Project Management (30)

Undertaking a project in the workplace can be somewhat daunting, leaving you wondering where to start. This introductory workshop examines three fundamental elements of successful project management - planning, organising and control and gives hints and tips on how to get your project started.

Introduction to Management (35)

Finding the style of management that suits you and your team can be challenging and so this workshop will give you the tools that enhance your current management and leadership qualities.

Communicating for Success (30)

Being able to communicate effectively with those around us is vital to our success. However, at times, we can all find this challenging, causing certain key relationships to break down. This workshop looks at the different ways that we can communicate with people to ensure a productive, harmonious and trusting working relationship.

Planning to Run Effective Meetings (40)

Sometimes we attend meetings and find ourselves wondering why we are there or why it has taken nearly one hour to go over one point. Planning and running an effective meeting does require a certain set of skills and techniques which will be discussed during this workshop.

Effective Negotiation (30)

Negotiation is not only used for business purposes, it is something we do all the time. For example, we use it in our social lives perhaps when agreeing a time to meet. Sometimes negotiation is seen as a means to benefit ourselves rather than both parties and is therefore open to misuse. This workshop looks at the process of successful negotiation and how to achieve a win/win situation.