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Appeals procedure

  • If a candidate applying for Fellowship is dissatisfied with the process or the decision of the Fellowship Assessment panel, they may request an appeal. The appeals procedure shall be conducted in a fair, just and unbiased manner in accordance with the rules of natural justice.
  • Appeals may only be made on the following grounds:
    • Serious or exceptional personal, unanticipated mitigating circumstances that caused the candidate to under-perform (perhaps as the result of a family or travel problem) or
    • A significant fault within the IET’s processes or mishandling of the candidate’s application, which interfered with their ability to present their case.
  • An appeal must be received by the IET within 3 months of the date of the decision letter.
  • The candidate should make an appeal in writing on the appeal application form, clearly and concisely setting out the grounds for appeal. Any evidence in support of the appeal should be submitted with the application form. To obtain an application form, please email
  • The candidate must pay an appeal fee, which will be refunded if the appeal is upheld. The appeal fee for 2023 is £161.00.
  • An Appeals Panel of two people is appointed by the Chair of the Registration and Standards Committee.
  • All relevant evidence relating to the case will be made available to the Appeals Panel.
  • The Appeals Panel will report the outcome of the appeal to the Adjudicator, who is appointed by the Chair of the Registration & Standards Committee, who will decide on the outcome.
  • The candidate will be notified of the decision.