About IET.tv

Engage and inspire the multimedia generation with the world’s largest collection of engineering and technology video content.

Owned and developed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), IET.tv is a source of engaging and inspiring content from leading engineers and technologists in academia and industry. It represents the definitive collection of engineering video content worldwide, containing around 9,000 videos of:

  • Seminars from select universities and research institutions worldwide
  • Content providing unique teaching and coursework material for lectures
  • Interviews with leading experts from industry and academia
  • Lectures and presentations from all major IET events
  • Bite-sized content including news, product demonstrations and showcases

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Find out how your users can start their research journey with IET.tv:

Something for every engineering and scientific library 

IET.tv’s extensive collection is organised into 10 specialist technology channels, making it easy to explore the topics that interest your users the most. With this structure, libraries can also pick the most appropriate channels to subscribe to, and add new channels at any time.

10 specialist technology channels covering a huge range of engineering and technology content:

  • Communications
  • Manufacturing
  • Control
  • Power
  • Electronics
  • Transport
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Management
  • Prestige Lectures

Not just a search engine - a research engine 

Uniquely, IET.tv uses metadata from IET Inspec to generate context-sensitive links to related eBooks and journals articles on the IET Digital Library. From a single search result, users will be given metadata-driven links that enable them to explore a world of online content. This transforms IET.tv from a video search engine into a powerful research engine that users will want to use repeatedly.

The flexibility that your users want 

Instant 24/7 Access to DRM free content  

With IET.tv, users can download and manipulate the DRM-free content, and embed it in other media such as lecture materials, projects and research proposals 

Intuitive interface users can access from any device 

IET.tv features a user-friendly interface with a truly responsive and adaptive design, making it easy to access the content on a range of platforms, including desktop, smartphone and tablet, so that users can retrieve the material from anywhere with the right permissions 

Fully customisable search and context-sensitive links 

All of the videos on IET.tv are packed with the metadata aligned with the conventions of the Inspec database. Using these tags and keywords, the platform automatically provides links to all the videos for each keyword, making it simple for users to find all the video content related to that topic. It also enables users to narrow down searches with detailed content filters.