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IET Alternative Fuels for Transport Debate

In February 2010 the IET Transport Policy Panel conducted an Alternative Fuels for Transport Debate, with the aim of highlighting which fuels would make each transport mode and journey type more sustainable.

Fuels were considered over a 10 year period and factors such as barriers to entry, whole life cycle analysis, future resilience and any changes required in infrastructure were considered as part of the debate.

On 22nd September 2011, from 2pm in Central London, the second stage in this debate will take place, with the aim of developing more concrete suggestions to lead the narrative both amongst the public and government on transport fuel solutions over the next 10 years.

If you are an expert within this field, you are invited to take part in the debate. The transport modes and journey types being considered are:

  • Road – car short and long distance, freight short and long haul
  • Rail – commuter, intercity and freight
  • Marine – Passenger and cargo
  • Aviation – Passenger and cargo

Please complete this matrix for the debate to indicate initially, which fuels you believe are the most appropriate for each transport mode and journey type (please select one per row). 

Once completed please return this to The general headings are derived from the 2010 debate; but feel free to suggest alternatives.

In addition, if you are interested in attending, please indicate the area you would be happy to advocate as part of the debate. Finally, please also indicate other experts who may be able to contribute to the debate, or forward these details on to them and let us know their field of expertise.

If you are unable to attend your input is still appreciated. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact