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Interdependencies and resilience in digital transformation

Interdependencies and Resilience in Digital Transformation

This report looks at adaptability and interdependence, across energy networks, communications, and infrastructure in an increasingly interconnected world. It uses the public switched telephone network (PSTN) withdrawal, and its impact on the gas energy networks’ as a case study, to demonstrate interdependency across sectors between energy and communications, and the need for a more joined up ‘whole systems’ approach. The report is written for government, engineers, regulators, industry, utility, digital and communication sectors.

Digital transition is a key enabler for net zero achievement – the increasing importance of a secure, robust, and resilient operational telecommunications capability must be prioritised by the UK energy network operators and Government.

Download our report for case studies, recommendations and references that show the importance of wider infrastructure issues, whole systems thinking, societal impact, interdependencies in planning and managing change, and the impacts on legacy infrastructure (particularly hidden services and uses).