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Energy technologies for net zero

Energy Technologies For Net Zero

This guide serves as a comprehensive reference to the technologies that we can use to decarbonise the UK energy system, that can shift our energy demand from fossil fuels to a low-carbon supply.

The transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions will rely on people and technology.

Technology enables us to drastically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by shifting our energy demand to sustainable energy carriers such as electricity from renewable sources and low-carbon hydrogen.

However, the success of technology depends on people and their active involvement in making low-carbon choices in how they travel, how they heat their homes, what they buy, and what they eat.

There is an abundance of technology options for a net zero energy system.

However, some are more suited to the UK – in terms of its renewable resources, existing infrastructure and evolving energy demand ‘culture’ – than others.

This guide presents comparative analysis of a set of seven published net zero pathways to uncover what our decarbonised energy system – both supply and demand – in 2050 will probably look like.

Read this guide for facts on net zero energy technologies as well as thorough explanations on the different net zero technology options for the energy sector.