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Advice for school pupils

Why is electrical engineering important?

The move to generate, transmit and distribute reliable, low-cost, low carbon electricity to homes and industry underpins the society we live in and is the key to our future sustainable world.

Utilisation of this electricity touches almost every part of our daily lives, from the televisions, mobile phones and the internet which connects us in the digital world, to cooking, heating and lighting and even to how we travel.

Behind the socket in the wall is a huge dynamic system supported by thousands of engineers doing a whole array of different jobs. With the transition towards a zero-carbon energy future, we need engineers to innovate to develop and champion the energy systems and infrastructure of the future.

Subject choice

Electrical Engineering at University is one of those subjects which builds upon the fundamentals of what you learn at school. The core STEM subjects like Maths and Physics will open up a world of opportunities.

When making your subject choices at school, University may seem a long way off, but your choices are important and are the first step in a future career in electrical engineering and opportunities such as the IET Power Academy.

Diversity and inclusion in electrical engineering

We are passionate about encouraging as many people as possible to find a rewarding future career in engineering.

Good engineering builds on ideas to find solutions, great engineering uses diversity to generate bigger ideas and better solutions. Improving diversity through more women, black, Asian and other minority ethnic students entering engineering will help build those great solutions that we need.

The national skill shortage in engineering also means there are a huge number of opportunities just waiting out there. Things are changing, but we always need more good people. AAA, BBB and CCC describe their experiences and journey to becoming electrical power engineers.