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Re-engineering our brand and website

Why have you decided to change the website?

The IET’s main website had its last major re-design in 2011. Where the IET pushed information via new channels, this presented a poor customer experience, moving from mobile optimised messaging to an “old” website.

We have developed a new website which makes it easier for visitors to navigate and find the information and resources that are important to them. The website is easier to access using mobile devices and will help us improve the way our messages are communicated online.

When was the website launched?

The new website was launched to coincide with the launch of our new visual identity on 29 January 2019 and, over the next few months, we will continue to make changes to any outstanding web pages that display our old style.

Why are we re-engineering our brand?

Research showed us that perception of the IET centre on being trusted, dependable and reassuring but, in recent years, it had become apparent that our brand – in particular, our visual black and white identity and tone of voice - wasn’t working for us.

Over the past two years, with input from our members, customers and volunteers across the world, we worked with a branding agency that specialises in membership organisations to create a new brand strategy that’s fit for the future and better reflects the breadth and diversity of our activities.

In practical terms, our re-engineered brand helps us communicate consistently to our audiences across a broad range of IET activities. It enables us to be more creative with our marketing materials and stand out clearly, particularly in an increasingly digital environment such as on social media.

What’s changing?

Following several research surveys and focus groups, we developed a new brand strategy that addresses the confusing proliferation of brands and logos that we previously had across the IET, a refreshed narrative, messaging, a friendlier, more conversational tone of voice, a new look and feel and logo.

We’ve also invested in creating a new website that’s mobile responsive and enables visitors to find the information and resources that matter to them.

What does the re-engineered brand represent?

Our re-engineered brand helps us to explain the essence of who we are and why we champion engineering. Our new brand identity helps us convey the positive impact our work and engineering has on our members, the engineering and technology community and wider society.

What does the new “E” in the logo represent?

We create a positive impact on everything we, and the engineering community, do and touch. That’s why our role in helping to engineer a better world is so significant.

The logo includes an equals sign, which represents how we are focused on the result of our impact. It also represents how the IET equals many different things to many different people. That’s why our logo is flexible and can be used with a range of messaging and imagery. The equals sign also champions equality, which is representative of our beliefs.

The new logo will feature our full name to ensure it’s clear that we are still the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

When will marketing materials, products and services adopt the new look and feel?

To make sure we roll out our new visual identity in the most cost-effective way, we are rolling it out in three phases up to August 2019.

How does the brand fit in with our commercial objectives?

We are a diverse organisation – at our heart are our members – but we are also a charity with the vision of working to engineer a better world. Our charitable activities are supported by the commercial income we receive from our venues, events and knowledge services. Our ability to make a difference, no matter what we do or who we talk to, is a common thread behind all our different parts and our re-engineered brand will help us continue to make a positive impact in all of these areas.

Is the brand rollout an expensive exercise?

To make sure we roll out our brand in the most cost-effective way, we are rolling it out in three phases.

The majority of our brochures and printed material will only be updated when they need to be reviewed or re-printed, retiring brochures and printed material at the end of their useful life and then replacing them. We’ll also be refreshing the branding on our products and services in phases.

One thing we have invested in is a new IET website to make it easier for our members, customers and other web visitors to find the information they’re looking for. This investment has been taken to meet member and customer requirements as it became apparent in recent years through feedback that our old website was becoming increasingly difficult to navigate and was no longer fit for purpose.

How have members been involved in the process?

We held a series of focus groups, held in-depth interviews and conducted a survey to ask members and stakeholders about our current brand. The Young Professionals community played a key role in the research to help us make sure we are appealing to a wider audience.

We held further focus groups with members and volunteers across the globe to test different concepts and then shared different options with the Board of Trustees. We also asked volunteers and members to get involved in the user acceptance testing for our new website.

Who chose the new logo?

We worked with a specialist branding agency that has worked with several membership organisations on different concepts, which we tested with our members and volunteers. The final logo concept was approved by the Board of Trustees.

The re-engineered brand “dumbs down” the IET and risks our position as a learned society.

Not at all. In fact, the members and stakeholders who reviewed the re-engineered brand before launch tell us it is more modern, professional and inclusive and works better across our broad range of services. The re-engineered brand is much more flexible – enabling us to inspire, inform and influence – all in a singular brand approach. Before launch, we tested our new visual identity with different stakeholder groups who have been positive about the change.

Will the IET still offer the same products and services?

We are still the same institution that our members, stakeholders and customers trust. Our new look and website are better aligned to meet individual needs.