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Why EngTech? For Electricians

Is it all about qualifications, experience or knowledge? 

Well, it’s actually a combination of all three of these. The competence of individuals working in the fabric of people’s homes has probably never been more important, with personal accountability and responsibility continuing to be under the spotlight. 

Electrician EngTech is a way to prove that your competence has been individually assessed. 

  • It proves your commitment to working safely and ethically with electricity.
  • It provides reassurance for any business or individual customers seeking to employ you.
  • It helps you to stand out to employers, your clients and your peers. 

You do not need a degree, an NVQ or an HNC to apply. The benchmark for EngTech is set at NVQ level 3 or equivalent. 

However, close to 70% of candidates applying for professional registration do not hold formal qualifications but are able to demonstrate the relevant level of knowledge and experience.

We are here to help you with your application.

The resources below explain how to apply, what you’ll need and how to find it.

Attend a complimentary competence workshop/webinar

We hold workshops/webinars for electricians, qualified supervisors, team leaders and managers that provide help with the application process and examples of competence requirements. It also provides an opportunity to meet with some of our Professional Registration Advisors (PRAs) and begin your application.

In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot hold these sessions face to face at this time.

For further queries email

About the Electrician EngTech Standard Competencies

The national standard set by the UK Engineering Council is called UK-SPEC. A version of UK-SPEC has been created to align the qualifications and experience of electricians to the requirements of EngTech. 

See the competence statements against which you will need to gather evidence for your application.

Paul Meenan on achieving professional registration

Paul Meenan CEng FIET FCMI MIAM MILP PCQI started out as an apprentice electrician with a drive to prove himself and make a difference to industry.

Watch his video to see what professional registration has meant to him in his career.