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Managing employees effectively

We’ve got five tips for megastar management

  1. Open the channels of communication
    Your team should be able to talk to you. Employees might feel intimidated about approaching their boss first, so set up weekly or monthly workshops and invite suggestions.
  2. Create a supportive environment
    A feeling of camaraderie and the notion that you’re all in it together creates a sense of security for employees. If an employee is stressed out, it’s the manager’s job to be compassionate and have empathy.
  3. Take an interest
    A good manager takes time to get to know each employee’s personality, needs, goals. Learning something about their personal lives will make them feel significant and generate productivity and loyalty.
  4. Encourage growth
    Encourage your team to work independently and take on more responsibility. If you’re too rigid in the way you like things to be done, you may find your team is uninspired and working on autopilot.
  5. Say what you think
    Giving feedback is often as rewarding as a pay rise. Saying thank you is sometimes all it takes to make it all worthwhile, and your team will work harder if they feel appreciated. When you have to give negative feedback, focus on the inappropriate behaviour, and not the person as an individual.