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How to get a promotion

Let’s take a look at the IET promotion guide.

Preparing yourself for promotion

1. Prove your worth

Your employer needs to see that you’re going above and beyond your basic responsibilities. If you’re constantly working to make a real and lasting change within your organisation, then a promotion is likely to find you without much force on your part.

2. Show a ‘can-do’ attitude

Employers want to feel that you’re making their jobs easier. Be as efficient as possible and try to do things before you’ve been asked to. Everybody loves a problem solver!

3. Take advantage of a mentor

A mentor is a top way of getting ahead in your career. Draw on their experience and find out how to navigate the company. They can also help to open doors and spread the good word about you, acting as a referee when you apply for a new opportunity.

4. Develop a ‘promotion plan’

Draw up an action plan to help you move towards promotion. Start by identifying the role you would like and then find a clear pathway to it. Break the journey down into a series of smaller, more achievable goals.

Going for that internal promotion

Going up against colleagues and external candidates can be a nerve-wracking experience. But you do have an edge because the company knows and trusts you. You also have a deep understanding of how the company works and what it expects from its employees.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve worked at the company, you should never assume you’ll be presumed best for the job. Use your knowledge of the organisation to talk to other employees in the relevant department and find out everything you possibly can about the job. It’s also time to patch up any weak areas in your knowledge about the company. Even if you know the interviewer, try not to be too familiar as it could be a mark against your professionalism.

If you’ve followed the four points mentioned above, use them to show the impact you’ve had on the business and your future plans.

If there aren’t any open opportunities, you can still express your interest with your line manager or boss. A good time to bring it up would be during your annual review.