Learn more about IET membership

Transfer/upgrade your membership

If you are already a member of the IET and are interested in transferring or upgrading your category of membership to TMIET or MIET then find out how your skills, experience and professionalism can be recognised with letters after your name.

Learn more about IET membership

Membership provides you with access to a network of knowledge and the opportunity to develop your own expertise and share this with fellow professionals. You can access knowledge resources to help ensure you are equipped for professional challenges ahead.

How to get involved and shape the profession

There are countless opportunities to shape the profession and get involved with the wider engineering and technology community from networking, mentoring and volunteering, to contributing to government consultations and submissions. Whilst being enjoyable and rewarding, these further enhance your professional and personal development.

How to share your skills and experience

Share your Royal Mail skills and experience with the wider engineering and technology community. IET forums are discussion areas to assist you and others in exchanging views on current issues and matters of common interest.  If you would like to share technical submissions these should be sent to our editorial department, for possible inclusion in our publications and/or the magazine section of our Knowledge Network site.

Participate in networking activities of your nearest Local Network. Visit our specialised communities where you can participate in activities with your subject peers, both online and at physical events. Attend the many events and training courses held each year.

For further information on Membership categories contact:


Rebecca Zahra
Corporate Registration Account Manager
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way

+44 (0)7796 141374
Email: rzahra@theiet.org