Company Based Registration Schemes

The IET Partnership & Development team can work with your organisation to develop your employees and provide a structured pathway to achieving professional registration.

If you have 10 or more engineers or technicians who are ready to apply for professional registration, we can work with you to co-ordinate your own tailored registration scheme – enabling potential registrants to progress their professional registration applications at a similar pace.

Your scheme can be tailored with pre-agreed timescales for:

  • In-company professional registration workshops;
  • In-company 1:2:1 meetings with a Professional Registration Advisor (PRA)*;
  • Submission of draft application forms for PRA feedback;
  • Submission of final application forms for assessment;
  • In-company professional registration interviews*.

*Subject to sufficient applicants

Quote from Malcolm Kitchen Offering a group scheme can provide your employees with a structured and supportive environment in which they can confidently work their way through the professional registration application process.

Employees still developing towards professional registration, but not yet ready to apply can also benefit from attending the professional registration workshops. They will gain an understanding of the required competencies and also the tools and help that the IET can provide to aid their development. Please see the Initial Professional Development page for further information.


To take part in a CBRS:

  • Organisations must provide 10 or more individuals for a scheme to run;
  • All participants will be expected to become IET members following the initial professional registration workshop

Quote from David Faram  The IET will provide:

  • An Account Manager;
  • Promotional material;
  • Professional registration workshops and 1:2:1 PRA meetings on site*;
  • Personal, ongoing 1:2:1 advice and feedback on applications.

*Subject to sufficient applicants

These schemes are aimed at organisations with a number of employees who are ready to apply for professional registration. They give a structured environment to provide applicants the support and guidance they need to progress their professional registration applications.

Example of timescale

Month 1

IET Introduction to the Company Based Registration Scheme

One of our Regional Development or Account Managers will come onsite to conduct a presentation. Within this presentation, we will provide an overview of the IET, Membership, professional registration and the Company Based Registration Scheme.

Month 2

Deadline for IET membership applications to be completed

Once the presentation has been conducted, we will email all participating candidates to officially launch the scheme which provides all of the required information and documentation. As a first step, we are on hand at all times to personally assist all candidates who are not currently members of the IET with the activation of their membership. This will be a quick and easy process which tends to be over the phone.

Month 3

Deadline for 1st draft of professional applications - onsite 30 minute 1:2:1 meetings with a PRA to discuss the 1st draft applications.

We will then formally invite you to attend the first advisory session as part of the support programme. One of our Account Executives will personally book an appointment for you to meet with a Professional Registration Advisor at a time which is convenient. Shortly after, we will send a confirmation email which provides more detail around the session itself.

Month 4

On-going communication with the PRA for amending applications

During the interim between the first and second advisory sessions, candidates can contact the PRA for advice, guidance and support and to review any changes to their applications. Our Account Executive will also be available for any queries.

Month 5

2nd Review with PRA - onsite 30 minute 1:2:1 meetings with a PRA to discuss final draft applications

Once the second advisory session approaches, we will send you another formal invite so that our Account Executives can book you an appointment which is convenient to meet with an advisor. Again, we will send a confirmation email which includes all of the details needed for the session.

Month 6

Deadline for final professional registration applications to be completed and submitted to the IET

Shortly after the last advisory session, we will send all candidates an email which provides instructions on how to submit applications, and specify what documentation is required to formally submit an application. Our Account Executive is on hand to provide assistance, support, and to answer any questions in relation to the deadline/submission. All completed applications accompanied by all required documentation should be submitted to the Account Executive on or before the deadline by following the instructions within the email.

Quote from Rhys Phillips  

Alumni registration programme

We also provide an alumni registration programme for graduates of IET Academic Partners, more information can be found here. If you have any questions of would like a member of our team to visit you on site, you can get in touch with us via profreginfo@theiet.org

Find out more

To find out more about company based registration schemes, or to book one for your engineers, please contact us, or your Account Manager.