Elections of Trustees, Council and Committee members

Details of elections, including nominations, candidate details and results.


The candidates proposed by the Board of Trustees to fill the vacancies for Vice-President, and Ordinary Member of the Board of Trustees are published in Engineering and Technology magazine.  Subject to the conditions laid down in Bye-law 69(b), members may nominate other qualified persons to fill the vacancies.  The requisite qualifications and procedures are set out in Bye-laws 69-75.

Members are also invited to nominate candidates to fill the vacancies for members of Council, Communities Resourcing Committee and seven Communities Committees.  There is 1 vacancy for each of the Committees and 6 vacancies for Council annually. Membership of Council and the Committees is open to all categories of IET membership. Members of regional Communities Committees must be resident in the region. Nominations must otherwise follow the conditions of Bye-law 69(b).


The Board of Trustees has agreed a statement of the skills, knowledge and personal characteristics required of Trustees and Board members.


A full list of candidates for election, with biographical details and ballot papers, is provided to all members entitled to vote.  The Board of Trustees wishes it to be known that it welcomes the exercise of the right to nominate candidates, but strongly deprecates organised canvassing for candidates by means of circulars or otherwise.  Such canvassing is prohibited by the Rules of Conduct. 

Elections in 2019

A call for nominations is published with the November 2018 issue of Engineering and Techology magazine. The Nominations Form is available as a fillable-PDF file. The closing date for nominations is 3 January 2019.

Voting information will be sent to all members eligible to vote in February 2019.  The closing date for the election will be in April 2019.

Members with questions about elections should contact the Governance Department on +44 (0)20 7344 5415 or governance@theiet.org

Appointed Positions

Members wishing to apply for appointment to Council or Committees should email the Chief Executive and Secretary via governance@theiet.org   giving their membership number. Candidates who express interest in appointment will be asked to complete a form giving details of their skills and experience in preparation for the selection process. The closing date for nominations will be 5 April 2019.