Technology and practical applications of intelligent mobility for sustainable towns & cities

Technology plays an increasing role in supporting sustainable transport. Payment systems, data capture and use, car and bike-sharing schemes, information and navigation apps are amongst the many tools that are already reshaping travel choices. The rapid development of new automotive technologies, including autonomous vehicles, in-car telematics and driver assist are fast taking us to the future of cars in our cities. Captured at Smarter Travel LIVE! 2016, the videos linked from this page will give you an insight into the future of intelligent mobility in towns and cities.

Smarter Travel LIVE! 2016 was the showcase of practical applications of Intelligent Mobility for Sustainable Towns & Cities. It provided an opportunity for practitioners and professionals from a number of different sectors to network with each other, share good practice, find opportunities for cooperation, and to discuss the future of smarter travel.

Smarter Travel LIVE! 2016 Image of city centre with skyscrapers and blurred headlights of passing cars  focused on the developing synergies between smarter more sustainable travel and the rapidly evolving Intelligent Mobility sector. This event was attended by planners and decision-makers at local and central government as well as the innovators and experts from the ITS and automotive sectors. The IET was there to capture the presentations given on how new technologies shape the future of our towns and cities.

If you couldn’t attend Smarter Travel LIVE! 2016 you can watch some of the presentations here.