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Technical Briefing: EV infrastructure for fleet operations

The electric vehicle charging industry is beginning to see trends in EV driving behaviour and is developing complementary technology. To help fleet operators to understand the changing charging landscape the IET has produced a new Technical Briefing on electric vehicle infrastructure aimed to help fleet operations.

Image of the E-Fan Electric Aircraft

Are All Electric Aircraft achievable?

Envisaged as one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for the future of aerospace the inaugural “All Electric Aircraft Technology” IET Symposium held at Savoy Place in late January 2016 brought together experts from across academia and industry to discuss, debate and analyse the key enabling technologies that will be required to support and drive forward the commercial viability of More Electric Airplane (MEA) with the aim of ultimately achieving an All Electric Aircraft (AEA) for both military and commercial passenger/freight use.


Image of conference presentation at the EPE conference

Energy efficiency opportunities in transport enabled by power electronics

The IET Transport Sector ran a technical seminar at the 17th Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE’15-ECCE Europe, in Geneva on the 8th September 2015.



Image of a Green Electric Car Charging

Electric vehicles

Electric and hybrid vehicles are being developed globally, and due to rising fuel prices and the requirement to reduce emissions, the transport industry is striving to develop truly sustainable alternative sources of energy to power vehicles. The IET interviewed some of the latest players (BMW, Nissan, Peugeot and Hyundai) introducing electric vehicles to the consumer market at the Green fleet Arrive’n’Drive event.



Telsa car

Interview with Andrew Bissell owner of a Tesla Roadstar

View an interview with Andrew Bissell owner of a Tesla Roadstar to hear the key issues of owning and driving an electric vehicle.


Thumbnail of the front cover of the More Electric Engines for More Electric Aircraft case study

More electric engines for more electric aircraft

The aviation industry has always pushed the boundaries of technology as it strives to create quieter and more efficient aircraft. One of the latest steps is the ‘More Electric Aircraft’. This IET Transport Sector Case Study outlines how Rolls-Royce Plc is developing the technology to unlock the full potential of the More Electric Engine.



The front cover of the future rollout of Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK case study

The future rollout of Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK

View the Transport Sector's Insight on low carbon transportation.



Electric vehicles case study front cover

Ashwood Electric Vehicles case study

View the Ashwoods Automotive: Driven by Success case study to learn more about their "Hybrid Drive" technology.