IET panel on cyber security at the ITS European congress announced

The IET and ITS-UK will be hosting a Special Interest Session at the ITS European Congress in Glasgow in June 2016.

The panel session will focus on Cyber Security in Intelligent Transport. Cyber security has long been an important part of ITS implementation and a considerable body of expertise has built up as a result. Over recent years, the increased activity in the areas of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) has created a specialist security field which is crucial for the safe and beneficial implementation of CAVs and which changes almost daily as the result of research and trials.

Many CAV cyber security issues are common to other areas of ITS, some are not. It is essential that they are all addressed continuously. This session will capture a snapshot of knowledge and best practice, and look ahead to what challenges are coming over the horizon in this field. Prototype of the ‘LUTZ Pathfinder’ pods  

This session will NOT be a 90 minute set of individual presentations with Powerpoint slides. The panellists and moderator will introduce themselves and give brief descriptions of their relevant experience and knowledge. The Moderator will then lead an hour long open discussion involving the panellists and audience, aimed at establishing what the whole room thinks is best practice in this area, what are the strengths in Europe in this area, and what are the challenges and how to overcome them.

Confirmed speakers include: Peter Vermaat - TRL, United Kingdom, Frans op de Beek – Rijkswaaterstat and Mike Parris – SBD.

If you would like to attend the session you can register for the ITS European Congress here.