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Expect the Unexpected – An IET Transport Sector report on the unintended consequences of connected and autonomous vehicles

Essential reading if you have an interest in or are involved in the design and introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles! This report explores some of the unintended consequences that emerged from a collaborative workshop convened by the IET Transport Sector and provides recommendations from 70 participating experts on strategies to help mitigate the impact of such consequences.

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Are we near there yet? Safety challenges on the path to autonomy

How will we deliver ADAS and autonomous vehicles and ensure the safety of the new systems they require? The IET delivered a panel on the safety challenges on the path to autonomy at the Active Safety Europe 2016: “ADAS to Autonomous” Munich, Germany. Panellists from Tata Motors European Technical Centre, HORIBA MIRA Ltd, and Jaguar Land Rover explained how we will demonstrate the technology maturity, reliability and safety of the software required for automated driving.
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IET panel on cyber security at the ITS European congress announced

The IET and ITS-UK will be hosting a Special Interest Session at the ITS European Congress in Glasgow in June 2016.



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Research challenges in autonomous vehicles and transport

The IMPART Intelligent Mobility Partnership (comprising of Loughborough, De Montfort, Coventry and Nottingham Trent Universities and supported by the Transport Systems Catapult) held a workshop in February to bring together delegates from industry, academia, policy-making and research funding to look at the research challenges of autonomous vehicles and transport systems.



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New IET Code Of Practice on the cyber security of ports and ports systems

In collaboration with the Department for Transport and dstl, the IET is producing a new code of practice is aimed at those responsible for security in UK ports and is being issued following some serious incidents that have occurred at UK ports over the last few years.



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Investing in Future Technology Skills: a Key Priority for the Automotive Industry

Ensuring the workforce can keep pace with the rapid growth and rate of change of technology development is a key challenge for the automotive industry. In this article IET Transport Sector Committee member, Jo Lopes, Head of Technical Excellence at Jaguar Land Rover explains how the OEMs are addressing this issue through the Automotive Industrial Partnership.



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Understanding the future of autonomous vehicles

This thought piece on the future of autonomous vehicles have been written for the IET by Charlie Henderson, PA Consulting’s expert in transport, travel and logistics.



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Automotive cyber security

Connected vehicles as a future mode of transport could be safer and more efficient as the driving experience becomes more interconnected. Cars are increasingly connected to the Internet, but there is concern that this could expose connected cars – and the people in them – to potential risks from online threats. This report explores the issues and suggests recommendations on how to ensure future connected vehicles remain safe. Download report.


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Autonomous vehicles report

Automated or autonomous vehicles is not new, however, the landscape has been transformed over recent years with the application of advanced sensors, communication technologies and databases. Autonomous systems are already pervasive, particularly in aerospace with autopilot on planes and military drones. The IET held a debate with thought leaders from academia, industry, policymakers and research organisations to address the challenges and benefits of bringing autonomous vehicles technologies to the mass market. Download the report.



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Autonomous vehicles – a railway perspective

The use of driverless trains is on the rise; this Sector Insight sets out why, how and where.



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Global challenges in maritime security

View the latest Transport sector insight into maritime security and the challenges surrounding this area. 



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Security and Risk in Transport Systems and Infrastructure

This IET Transport Sector Insight sets out the issues facing those leading the fight to safeguard our transportation hubs.





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Unmanned Aircraft - A Future without Pilots

Here’s the first in a series of Sector Insights devoted to the topic of autonomous transport. We start in the air with ‘Unmanned Aircraft – a Future without Pilots?’



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Autonomous Vehicles: a road transport perspective

Fully automated vehicles on roads and motorways look set to improve traffic safety and reduce congestion, costs and environmental impacts.