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Digital technology is already impacting society in a big way transforming social, cultural, economic and political landscapes. As societies move towards knowledge-based economies, access to and quality of skills will become increasingly urgent. The Sector will seek to discover the benefits, and if society is equipped to keep pace with our increasing reliance on technology.

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AI All Party Parliamentary Group

An All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) meeting on Artificial Intelligence (the inaugural meeting) was convened by Stephen Metcalfe (Conservative MP) and Lord Clement-Jones CBE (Liberal Democrat peer) to consider ‘the future and implications of Artificial Intelligence’.

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IBC 2017 - Technical Papers Submissions is Open!

The IBC Technical Papers and Posters are world renowned for promoting the latest innovations and technological thinking. Stripped of marketing and commercial influence the proposals made to IBC are rigorously peer reviewed and stand or fall on the strength of their expertise, novelty, clarity and insight.

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Event Report with Sir Paul Nurse

In the joint IET/RTS Public lecture, “Science as Revolution”, Nurse argued that science is “the most long-lasting revolutionary activity known to humankind; if it is nurtured and if the public are properly engaged, science will continue to bring great benefits to us all.”

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BBC Micro:Bit

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) recently launched a series of events, as part of its Coding the Future initiative, aimed at inspiring and nurturing the next generation of UK coders. The events have been developed in conjunction with a number of UK-based leading technology organisations.


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Cyber Careers Show

Mike Short

29 January 2018

IT channel


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