The Best of IET and IBC 2016: Outstanding research in broadcasting and entertainment

Learn how the entertainment and media sector is using the accelerating power of technology to transform its businesses with the latest edition of The Best of IET and IBC 2017.

The Best of IET and IBC 2016 is a collection of winning research papers submitted to the International Broadcasting Convention 2016 and demonstrates the very best professional excellence in media technology. It also includes some specially selected papers from the IET’s flagship journal Electronic Letters.

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This year’s edition includes

  • Best IBC Conference paper
    WiB - a new system concept for digital terrestrial television (DTT);
    Author: Erik Stare - Teracom, Sweden
  • Best Young Person Paper
    HDR for Legacy Displays Using Sectional Tone Mapping.
    Author: Lucien Lenzen - Hochschule RheinMain, Germany
  • Directing attention in 360-degree video
    Author: Alia Sheikh – BBC R&D, United Kingdom
  • Gaze Tracking Using Corneal Images Captured by a Single High-Sensitivity Camera
    Author: Lofti El Hafi - Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
  • Towards New Forms of News Gathering Through Crowdsourced Live Mobile Streaming Systems
    Author: Ray van Brandenburg – TNO, Netherlands

Plus many more!

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