BBC Micro:Bit

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) recently launched a series of events, as part of its Coding the Future initiative, aimed at inspiring and nurturing the next generation of UK coders. The events have been developed in conjunction with a number of UK-based leading technology organisations.

As part of the initiative, the BBC has partnered with 29 organisations including the IET to create a small programmable hardware device, nicknamed a micro:bit. This device will help younger children to start learning basic coding and programming, acting as a springboard for further learning and more advanced products like Arduino, Galileo, Kano and Raspberry Pi.

image of a microbit  The drop-in events are part of the BBC’s Make It Digital campaign – which launched today and will involve one million BBC micro:bit coding devices being given to every child in year 7 or equivalent across the UK to encourage and nurture their interest in coding.

The BBC micro:bit device was developed by the BBC in the face of a critical skills shortage in the UK technology sector. By working with the IET as one of its BBC micro:bit champions, the BBC hopes to create a new generation of coders, engineers and technologists to fill future skills requirements.

The Coding the Future events will be giving children and their parents the opportunity to explore their own BBC micro:bit in more depth. The events will also offer practical hints and tips needed to get the best results from their device – whether it be developing code for their very own games, or learning how to overcome tricky error codes.

In addition, IET experts will be on hand at the Coding the Future events to give children and their parents information about the exciting career opportunities available in the UK’s coding, technology and engineering sectors.

Regional Events

The IET will be running a number of events around the UK which we want to invite you to be a part of! These events are all completely free to attend and will follow a drop-in style format so that you can come and have a quick look at the activities taking place or stay all day. Everyone is welcome.

Individuals will be invited to move around the different zones within the space in their own time and have a go at the hands-on activities available that are related to the BBC micro:bit.


1. BBC micro:bit - Collaborate
2. BBC micro:bit - Compete
3. BBC micro:bit - Just for fun
4. BBC micro:bit - Free coding zone