Cyber Security Overview

Cyber security – defined as the protection of data, networks and systems is a critical issue for Industry and Government.  Almost every business relies on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its data. Protecting information should be at the heart of the organisation’s security planning.

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With the growing volume and complexity ofcyber attacks, ongoing consideration is required to protect sensitive business data and personal information, as well as safeguarding national interests.

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Learn how the cyber security experts are protecting their organisation!

In-house training and education are key to building up the skills required to manage cyber risk and security. That’s where the new Engineering & Technology Reference can help.

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Automotive Cyber Security: Thought Leadership Review of risk perspectives for connected vehicles

Connected vehicles as a future mode of transport could be safer and more efficient as the driving experience becomes more interconnected. Cars are increasingly connected to the Internet, but there is concern that this could expose connected cars – and the people in them – to potential risks from online threats. This report explores the issues and suggests recommendations on how we address these challenges to ensure that future connected vehicles remain safe. Download report.

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Resilience and Cyber Security of Technology in the Built Environment.

The technical briefing examines the different sources of threats across the building lifecycle from initial concept through to decommissioning. It considers potential threat agents that could cause or contribute to a cyber security incident and identifies some of the measures that may be appropriate to reduce the risks. Find out more...

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Resilience, Security & Risk in Transport

The need to consider security in the planning, design, build and operations of all modes of transport, vehicles and infrastructure is recognised, but the scope and scale of work needed to achieve acceptable levels of risk is not fully understood. This publication aims to provide engineering professionals working in, or with an interest in, the transport sector with nine papers which address critical aspects of safety and cyber security. Find out more

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Cyber Security in Policy

Today we live in a society where criminals face less risk by stealing millions of pounds using a banking Trojan than by committing an armed bank robbery, and where corporate networks can be rapidly disabled by unseen remote assailants. The IET is currently working to address particular challenges in a digital world. Find out more...

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) - addressing the cyber security issues

Hugh Boyes, Cyber Security Lead at the IET, talks about how manufacturers are already benefiting from developing their products into BIM objects, alongside an update from the Construction Industry Council on the Government's implementation plans .Watch now...

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Cyber Security Outputs

The Information and Communications Sector recently held a scoping exercise on cyber security and will be producing key outputs. Primarily focusing on raising awareness and knowledge dissemination, the Sector will work closely with members and non-members to ensure The IET has a unique voice in this topic.

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