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We are living in a data explosion where we generate and consume data faster than ever before as a result of the increasing use of computers, sensors, and other digital medians. This volume of new data presents us with additional challenges which the Sector will seek to explore.

Articles and reports

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IPv6 Annual Update

“The UK IPv6 Council sees 50% of UK residential customers having IPv6 by early 2017; what are YOU doing to ensure your organisation is IPv6 ready?"

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Connecting Data – Case Studies: Where are the success stories?

Connecting data: driving productivity and innovation, says that harnessing the power of data analytics – big data – and linking key datasets reliably in real time has immense potential to drive innovation and enhance UK productivity, which is currently lagging 17% behind the average across the G7 economies.

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UK IPv6 Council

As the UK surpasses 10% v6 use ratio and climbs to 11.09%, we take a look back to see what has happened.

Big Data Analytics For Smart Power Networks - The Review!

Unable to attend our Big Data Analytics For Smart Power Networks seminar? Then read the review and watch the presentations for free.


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Cyber Careers Show

Mike Short

29 January 2018

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Sector Publications

Advances in Body-Centric Wireless Communication: Applications and State-of-the-art

This book brings together contributions from a multidisciplinary team of researchers in the field of wireless and mobile communications, signal processing and medical measurements.

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Code of Practice: Competence for Safety Related Systems Practitioners

Develop a thorough model to create and maintain a competence scheme for your business.


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