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5G Networks for Policy Makers

An IET guide to what’s real, what’s not and what could be deployed by 2020.


The IET at Mobile World Congress 2017:

… the relentless convergence of mobile, big data, AI and AR technologies continues …

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IPv6 Annual Update

“The UK IPv6 Council sees 50% of UK residential customers having IPv6 by early 2017; what are YOU doing to ensure your organisation is IPv6 ready?"


Big Data Analytics For Smart Power Networks - The Review!

Unable to attend our Big Data Analytics For Smart Power Networks seminar? Then read the review and watch the presentations for free.

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Connecting Data – Case Studies: Where are the success stories?

Connecting data: driving productivity and innovation, says that harnessing the power of data analytics – big data – and linking key datasets reliably in real time has immense potential to drive innovation and enhance UK productivity, which is currently lagging 17% behind the average across the G7 economies. However, good practice is currently not widespread or consistent enough across and between each sector of the economy, and faster progress needs to be made to ensure rigorous performance and resilience. Here we present the case studies from the report.

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UK IPv6 Council

As the UK surpasses 10% v6 use ratio and climbs to 11.09%, we take a look back to see what has happened.
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Making data serve society by Chris Nott

Chris Nott, Client Technical Leader for UK Public Sector, IBM UK & Ireland, IBM discusses why governments must treat data as a first-class asset, striving to make data serve society.


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Connecting Data report

The UK has an enormous opportunity to reap major benefit as it evolves into a data-enabled economy, but must implement best practice now, especially in systems engineering, to maximise productivity and minimise security risks, according to a report published today by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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The future of 5G

Dr Payam Barnaghi of the Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) and Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey invited the IET to visit the 5G Innovation Centre. In this case study, the future of 5G; its role in relation to IoT, DAN and smart cities is explored.


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Data Centres: Professionalism Pays

Becoming professionally registered shows employers that you are committed to maintaining and enhancing your knowledge, skills and competence required to meet the engineering and technological needs of today.


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Big Data: Unleashed

In its forthcoming report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) Connecting data: driving productivity and innovation, the IET and Academy suggest that the UK is strongly placed to develop a leading data-enabled economy through the use of data analytics, supported by advanced data connectivity.


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Connecting Data

Connecting data is a joint study between the Royal Academy of Engineering and the IET, which explores the importance of big data, data analytics and improved connectivity to engineering-based firms. The study aims to map the opportunities and challenges that industry has identified from connecting data in the digital economy now and into the future (2015-2020). We plan to produce a report in autumn 2015.


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Jamming and radio interference: understanding the impact

Signal jamming is a regular modern occurrence. This latest Sector Insight seeks to understand the impact jamming and radio interference has on modern devices and technical equipment; looking at the regulations on radio transmissions, who is affected by jamming and the challenges of spectrum management in the UK.


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Professional registration for technical data centre staff

The UK data centre sector has undergone rapid growth and is now widely recognised as a core infrastructure underpinning our digital economy. The industry has grown so fast that many of the processes and procedures around staff recruitment, retention and career progression taken for granted in more established industries have not yet had time to develop. Hence many data centre managers are now looking for nationally recognised frameworks and benchmarks to ensure they have the right skills and competencies in place to guarantee optimal performance of the data centres they operate.


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Data centres and cloud computing

The Data Centre is a facility to house computing systems and associated infrastructure. The Data Centre landscape is characterised by a number of engineering concepts and multiple disciplines – Real Estate, Mechanical and Electrical engineering and Technology Systems. The Data Centre represents a multi-million pound investment that typically translates to around £15 million per MW of power.


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Data mining the data explosion

Organisations are able to create new opportunities to capture information from wide varieties of data and content which is coming at them in huge volumes and at ever increasing speed. This information includes the logs of application and web site usage, social networking sites, collaborative tools, documents and multi-media and more, augmenting the transactional records which support an organisation’s traditional operations.


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Green ICT

Green ICT refers to the environmental and sustainable approach to I&C technologies.



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Innovative wireless systems and spectrum management

Spectrum management is the process of regulating use of radio frequencies to ensure an efficient platform for all wireless devices.