Key topics

The sector team has identified the following key topics that will be addressed through the IET product portfolio of events, communities, publishing, standards, qualifications and others, to enable the Institution to maintain our presence in the I&C industry.

This list is the current focus and we expect to see it develop over time with newly emerging areas being added and those which have been addressed or are no longer seen as key, being removed.

These topics have been ranked by the sector team using the criteria below, which in turn helps ensure we cover both new and established areas.

(1) Emergent area (lecture, paper, E&T magazine article)
(2) Newly established area (TPN activity, conference, journal special issue, preliminary training courses)
(3) Well established topic (all of the above and established professional qualification such as ICT Tech or Skills Framework for the Information Age)

We are working on creating resource pages for each of these topics, and will update the page when they are available.

Key topics

(2) Connected Health Robotics - blue silhouette of person with arms extended  (2) Internet of Things and Mobile Data Applications  A series of spheres connected by lines
(2) Data centres and cloud computing (hosting, virtualisation and software-as-a-service) Cloud computing (1) IP Connected Buildings Wireless applications
(2) Data Analytics Impact of engineering (3) Network infrastructure, cyber security and resilience Network infrastructure
(1) Green ICT (energy efficiency in end to end ICT systems) Green ICT (3) Quality software engineering. Large scale software projects
(2) ICT Education in Schools Girl raising hand to answer question in class (2) Smart/er grids and smart metering Smart grid
(2) Innovative wireless systems and spectrum management  Spectrum Management