Vision and aims


The sector vision is to become the focal point for all those working in or interested in Information and Communications. The sector also recognises the importance of promoting professional qualifications and certifications in this field.


The aims of the Information & Communications Sector are:

  • to provide up-to-date news and information on I&C for professionals (IET members and non-members) and other stakeholders
  • to partner with strategically aligned I&C sector trade associations and industry bodies for the benefit of the community
  • to bring together the various areas of the IET where I&C information issues are concerned in order to create a single entry point and signpost for its members and other stakeholders
  • to identify key hot topics in the I&C sector and focus activities in these areas to ensure the IET deploys its expertise where it will have the greatest impact
  • to help represent the I&C engineering profession to a wider audience


Information and communications sector briefing cover

For more information please see our sector briefing document.