Innovate UK and BEIS (formerly DECC) – Innovation Showcase

Innovate UK teamed up with BEIS at the recent All Energy event in Glasgow to showcase UK Innovations.

Innovate UK and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) work together to connect and fund new ideas, technologies, products and services to help companies in their first steps along the innovation journey towards commercialisation.

Through their innovation programmes, they connect and fund hundreds of businesses that address the challenges the energy system faces, whilst also developing significant commercial opportunity for the UK economy.

View the All Energy 2016 Innovation Showcase Project Directory and please view a selection of the SME presentations from the All-Energy Innovation Showcase below:

Sally Philips - Chimney Sheep Ltd – “Chimney Draft Exclusion”

For further information and to get involved, read the Innovate UK Blog.