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IET Respond to Ofgem/BEIS – “Smart, flexible energy system” call for evidence

An overview of the IETs additional comments provided to Ofgem and BEIS on their Call for Evidence


Smarter Network Storage - the first multi-purpose grid scale storage in the UK

Grid Scale electricity storage demonstration findings help prove opportunities for improved customer benefits and potential grid scale services


Energy SME - Technologies Competition for Health Sector Applications

A new innovation competition has been launched to promote the adaptation of energy technologies for health sector applications.


105 Number - Helpline for UK Power Cuts

A new telephone service offering help and advice to people suffering an electricity power cut will use the number 105.

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Innovate UK and BEIS (formerly DECC) – Innovation Showcase

Innovate UK teamed up with BEIS at the recent All Energy event in Glasgow to showcase UK Innovations.


More Efficient ‘Water Electrolysis’ using Solar Energy to power future transport!

Providing a consistent flow of electricity even when the sun is not shining could solve one of the major issues with solar panels.

IET Smart Grid Forum WS9 – Action on the Smart Grid Supply Chain – “Year 1 Findings” at All-Energy 2016 Conference Session

Following on from last year’s conference, the IET was pleased to host presentations and a panel discussion on the first year findings from the work of DECC/Ofgem Smart Grid Forum Work Stream 9 (WS9) – Technological Innovation and Growth.

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‘Synthetic Inertia’ - addressing the challenges

Considering the whole of the electricity transmission and distribution system in Great Britain, we are expecting a future reduction in system inertia with increasing converter based technologies connecting to the transmission system. The IET held a breakfast event in Birmingham on 14th May 2015, that explored alternative approaches to providing frequency control measures.



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Sustainable cooling technology ensures vaccines have long storage life with no power

Sure Chill’s cooling technology ensures that lifesaving vaccines can be stored safely anywhere in the world for more than 10 days with no power. Such a progressive and sustainable innovation demonstrates real social, economic and personal change which secured its 2014 IET Innovation Award winning status in the Sustainability category.



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UK Power Networks: Engineered to Generate the Future

View the UK Power Networks case study to learn more about their "Energy Storage System (ESS)" technology.



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Sector Insight - Sustaining engineering and technology skills

In a special Sector Insight, the Energy sector spells out what the IET is doing to work with both industry and academia to help bridge the gap.



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How the IET and nano-scale research are helping the global conservation effort

The IET’s Micro & Nano Letters publishes cutting edge global research in energy storage and energy harvesting, based on selected papers from the Asia-Pacific Conference on Transducers and Micro/Nano Technologies (APCOT 2012).



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Sustaining Engineering and Technology Skills

The IET Energy Sector is actively engaged in highlighting the potentially catastrophic UK Engineering and Technology skills gap.