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Power Electronics in Distribution Networks (UKPN and Hub Net) – research challenges

What can Power Electronics do for today’s Distribution Networks and what needs to be done to make this technology fit for purpose?


Tidal Race is on as the first array in the world makes first exports to the grid

Two interconnected underwater turbines off the coast of the Shetland Isles have been connected to the national electricity grid in Scotland.


Do we need large power generation or a smarter power grid to avoid blackouts in the future?

Nicola Shaw, executive director at National Grid, informed the BBC that consumers could use smart technology to control their use of power and help balance out grid fluctuations in the future!

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New Compound Semiconductors Catapult

The new Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult centre was announced last month to drive innovation in multi-billion pound market. It will be based in Wales and receive £10 million a year of government support up to 2020-21.

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Creating a smarter energy future event

On the 3rd March 2016 InnovateUK, in collaboration with Forum for the Future and the Knowledge Transfer Network, hosted an event in Birmingham to explore the challenges relating to the integration of thermal and electrical energy systems into commercial buildings. The audience consisted of facilities and building managers who look after commercial buildings and companies who develop novel, low carbon energy systems.

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The role of biomass related combustion, heat and gas networks

On the 10th - 11th March the Knowledge Transfer Network, in collaboration with the UK Science and Innovation Network (FCO), Aalto University, Finland and UK Supergen Bio-energy Hub, hosted the 'Role of biomass related combustion, heat and gas networks' event in Helsinki, Finland.

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New IET Solar PV Code of Practice

The IET Code of Practice for Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems is due for publication shortly, following receipt of nearly 400 public consultation comments. The Code updates good practice for the design, specification, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of building-mounted, building-integrated and ground-mounted solar PV systems in the UK.


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Capturing Solar Power in Space

Space-based solar power would generate off-world energy by placing solar power satellites in orbit. These would receive sunlight before it hits the Earth, and would wirelessly transmit their collected energy to a receiving station on the ground.

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Launch of public-private roadmapping exercise for the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Sectors.

Innovate UK, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Transport Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UKHFCA), Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA), and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), are pleased to announce the launch of a roadmapping exercise to drive sustainable economic growth in the UK hydrogen and fuel cell industry in the period to 2025 and beyond.

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NIRAB 2015 annual report

NIRAB has published its 2015 annual report and its nuclear innovation and research programme recommendations.

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UK Power Networks – LCNF Project - Flexible Plug and Play (FPP)

UK Power Networks has completed Flexible Plug and Play, its £9.7m, 3 year innovation Low Carbon Network project to trial new technologies and commercial arrangements in order to connect distributed generation (DG), such as wind or solar power, to constrained areas of the electricity distribution network. Find out more...



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Wind Energy with emphasis on offshore applications

The UK plans for decarbonising electricity generation rely heavily on wind. Much of the future wind capacity is expected to be offshore. There are significant technical and economic challenges, in particular substantial reductions is the cost of offshore wind electricity are required if this is to be a competitive source of generation, and this will require attention to both CAPEX and POEX.



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UK Power Networks – Low Carbon London

Trials pave the way to save money and help cut the capital’s carbon footprint – background, reports and videos of UK Power Networks Low Carbon London Project findings!



Houses of Parliament

IET Policy Evidence on Gas Strategy

The IET gave oral evidence to the UK Parliament on 13 February 2013 in response to the Gas Generation Strategy.