Energy Sector Scope and Key Topics

The Energy Sector covers a broad range of topics. The sector team has identified the core scope and hot topics as listed below.

Priority hot topics will provide a focus for development of relevant products and services across the IET, including (although not limited to) events, communities, publishing, standards and qualifications.

Nuclear new build and safety:

  • control and safety - nuclear:
    global deployment of new nuclear and safety critical systems

Demand - transport

  • electric vehicles and their charging: vehicle technologies and capabilities, charging infrastructure and electricity system implications of electric vehicles


  • renewables:
    technical and capability developments in all current and emerging renewable energy technologies

Networks - electricity distribution

  • future networks
  • smart grids, new network technologies, applications and management techniques and smart metering

Networks - electricity transmission

  • HVDC - offshore interconnectors: technologies and systems, particularly multi terminal applications

Networks - energy storage

  • energy storage:
    storage technologies and the role of storage in future energy systems

Networks - heat distribution

  • District Heating
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Power system planning and operation

  • offshore power systems and systems with high levels of variable renewable generation:
    techniques for systems heavy in non-dispatchable generation and in less flexible generation, maximising power system capability given uncertain future system requirements and constrained availability of route corridors

Technology impacts on markets and regulation

  • generation and demand response technologies: the interaction between these technologies and the design, operation and regulation of power markets