Sustainable cooling technology ensures vaccines have long storage life with no power

Sure Chill’s cooling technology ensures that lifesaving vaccines can be stored safely anywhere in the world for more than 10 days with no power. Such a progressive and sustainable innovation demonstrates real social, economic and personal change which secured its 2014 IET Innovation Award winning status in the Sustainability category.

Man promoting Surechill Technology Sure Chill Technology was the brainchild of Chief Executive Office, Ian Tansley, developed in response to a specific problem in the humanitarian field. The World Health Organisation set out a challenge to fulfil the need for a sustainable cooling solution that worked off-grid.

Vaccine refrigerators in off-grid situations rely on solar power traditionally reliant on a rechargeable battery. However batteries were costly, unreliable and hard to replace in remote locations and so the World Health Organisation wanted to eradicate the need for a battery.

Tansley and Peter Saunders (OBE) together found the solution and developed a new cooling system that adapts its temperature naturally, automatically cooling to its optimum without power so that lifesaving vaccines can be stored safely for more than 10 days with no power.

Today Sure Chill vaccine refrigerators play an integral role in immunisation programmes in more than 35 countries worldwide and have been purchased by a number of NGOs, Ministries of Health and UNICEF.

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