IET GB Power System Modelling Capability Reports

The IET were commissioned by the Council for Science and Technology (CST) “Energy Sub-Group” to conduct a research study and produce a report on the emerging challenges for modelling electricity systems and how Britain’s capabilities would need to be adapted to assess electricity system resilience as GB makes the transition to a low carbon electricity system.

This web page contains the “main report” including the findings and recommendations made to the CST.

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It also contains a research paper summary and the fifteen individual papers from GB-based specialists of international standing in power system modelling. The authors of the papers worked with a wide stakeholder base of network companies, academics and others, who provided review and challenge.

Professor Graham Ault CEng FIET was contracted to provide technical co-ordination and drafting. The emerging conclusions were further validated by means of an industry and academic workshop sponsored by Government Office for Science. The entire project was conducted under the direction of an independent steering committee composed of senior IET Fellows, two of whom were also CST nominees.

The Main project findings included:

  • New modelling capabilities are required to address the changing power system which needs to become decarbonised
  • Modelling capability leadership is required as the changes that are needed stretch across different commercial entities in the energy industry, i.e. generation, transmission, distribution and retail supply. The report provides thoughts on how to establish this leadership.
  • The report highlights a map of modelling challenges and gaps to development

Sir Mark Walport (Government Chief Scientific Adviser) said on the completion of this work:

“The take up of low-carbon technology will present challenges to the planning and operation of our electricity system in Great Britain. This valuable report highlights a useful range of options to meet the electricity system modelling challenges that require action as we make the move to a low-carbon economy.”

Main Report:

Commissioned Paper Summary:

The other 15 research reports can be found here.

Please contact energy@theiet.org for further information.