Call for Case Studies - UK SMEs!!

The HVM Catapult and IET are interested in hearing from companies of any size and from any sector who have installed automation or are thinking of doing so. We want to hear from you if you have had positive or negative experiences, why you looked at automation and what benefits you’ve received from implementing automation.

We are particularly interested to hear from small or medium sized companies who are willing to share their experiences to help others discover why robotics and automation will help their business and how they should go about implementing them.

Please contact Hannah Conway at the IET at hconway@theiet.org for more information and the case study template. Please note that the deadline for case studies to be submitted is 17:00 on Monday 2nd October 2017.

RAS Sector Deal Questionnaire and Workshop  

To help provide evidence for the proposed Robotics Sector Deal which forms part of the Governments Industrial Strategy, we would like to understand what activities are taking place in the UK that are in alignment with the existing RAS Strategy, and what new ones could be enabled by Government action. To this end the Sector Deal team are reaching out to industry, academia and other stakeholders to collect this information.

We have set up a questionnaire which hopefully should not take too long to answer. Your answers will not be publicly published, and will only be used to inform the proposed Sector Deal (and will therefore remain confidential). The questionnaire can be accessed via this link. If you are not familiar with the way we use the terms Asset, Skills, Coordination, Clusters and Challenges, then please have a quick look at the RAS UK Strategy

On 6th September from 13:00 – 16:00 a Robotics Sector Deal Consultation Workshop will be held in London. The Sector Deal Proposal Team would like to share with the Robotics Community the structure of the proposed sector deal and provide another opportunity to gather your inputs to feedback into the proposal process, especially around the mechanisms of the deal and projects that it could enable. The Sector Deal Proposal Team are particularly keen to hear from people who have provided answers to the consultation survey questionnaire. You can register for the event using the event registration link.

Thank you very much for your help. Your input is greatly valued and will contribute to something that will be of huge benefit to our sector, as well as the wider community.